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Treasure in the ruins

Did you sometimes ask yourself which power can defeat everything? Did you manage to recognize that unique power that is applicable to everything?


Bogatstvo ljubavi u rusevinama 2

Photo by: Nina Roland Weddings


We are a small team- family, a couple of enthusiastic individuals that share the same life goals. We love love. We adore the celebration of it, the power that is uncomparable.

We are the Artium Weddings Croatia team, and we decided to create some love magic in these love-underrated years.

These are the first sentences that came out of this wedding designer and planner trio. They have come up with an idea that closely illustrates the unfortunate situation that all of the wedding industry is now in.


Bogatstvo ljubavi u rusevinama 3

Photo by: IndigoBlue Weddings 1


The pandemic has destroyed the whole globe. Nothing is more or less the same. The cities do not look the same anymore. People do not have the same mantra, they are afraid. The whole social life is completely different. Couples that have decided to celebrate their love are forced to postpone or even cancel their wedding day. There is no guarantee that no one is going back to the way it was before. Often, we are talking about the new normal.

From this point of view, this team started their creation. Picking the location was symbolic all the way. Dvigrad is the ruins of the mediaeval fortified settlement in central Istra, Croatia. This meiaval town suffered repeatedly from the plague and was devastated by the Uskok war, but never conquered. The malaria and the decisions of their inhabitants drove them away from this settlement.


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Photo by: IndigoBlue Weddings 3


The location also has its legends. One of them is: “If you pass, holding hands, with the loving one above one of the arches in Dvigrad, you will stay together forever.”

Artium weddings put together a great team of coworkers and brought the wedding ceremony and the fest of love back to life in these abandoned ruins. The whole design is signed with their ideas. The ceremony took place in the remains of the Basilica of St. Sofia. Their arches symbolize the undestructuble power of love. The two of them reflact the two newlyweds – both the stones that hold the marriage together. Each one is on their own path but comes to the same position. The rental craw from Adratic Event was installed along these sybolic paths.

The greatness of the wedding ceremony itself was held by Vinum Amoris. In their words, there was the right tone of the moment, the ideal sum of emotions, and the right dose of mistery. Mistery is the secret ingredient of every marriage.

The palette of colors was in the service of magnificizing the wedding dress by the amazing designer Marina Jerant-Lukabu Official. Nika Irola had the honor of wearing Marina’s creation and gleaming under the expert hands of make-up artist Nataša.


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Costum made suits from Fidelio tailor have dressed the groom, Ivan Genda, in one of their dark blue tuxedo suits and a pair of custom-made shoes.

The final touch to the whole idea was the lighting. Light represents the new beginning. The new normal, perhaps. The whole idea of that was the inspiration from the start.

They waited for the sunset and the new light that they created with the amazing collaboration of Vedran from Vedras group.

The dance floor was a light installation. Dancing into a new life as a couple Dancing in the light that cannot be shut down. Because no one can forbid love. Dancing into a new normal.

All the moments were captured by our dearest photographers, Alex from IndigoBlu Weddings and Nina from Nina Roland Weddings, and the great couple of videographers, Tin and his lovely Josipa, standing behind the brand Nomad Diaries.

Hope you liked this wedding editorial as much as we do and you finded the inspiration and the necesary corage to create your amazing wedding day.

Organization: @artiumweddings
Location: @visitkanfanar
Design, flowers & styling: @artiumweddings
Photographers: @indigoblu_weddings @ninarweddings
Video: @nomaddiaries_weddingfilms
Bride model: @nikasirola
Groom model: @ivangenda_
Ceremony officiant: @vinumamoris
Dress: @lukabu_official
Suit: @fideliotailor
Jewelry: @design_store_soleluna
Hairstyle: @studiolara_frizerskisalon
Makeup: @_la_vitta_bella
Rental: @adratic_event.cro
Chairs: @ghiastaff
Light effects: @vedrasgroup

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