S ljubavlju sa Balkana

We present a hot and unavoidable, intriguing love story from the Balkans, with the mystical kiss of the inevitable Frida Kahlo.

Con Amor from the Balkans is the name of a project revived by the trio Artium Weddings Croatia.



Indulge in the explosion of this amazing story and enjoy the following lines where you will find out everything from an idea to realization. The conception of ideas can be attributed to the time in which we live, the environment, and society. The need to leave the cocoon and take off the butterfly’s flight is stronger than ever. She explained in her interview with Katarina of Artium Weddings, “a huge amount of positive, dancing energy screams from us, trapped in a small circle, it simply needs to jump out.  Every one of their projects, whether it’s stylized shots like this or events or. Weddings that are often organized and/or designed by Artium Weddings have their own detailed plan and program. A plan is driven by an idea whose elements, even the smallest, must be harmonious with each other. They do not allow space for details that would stick out or not carry the story as it should. They follow the same approach in choosing their associates. We wanted to highlight the positive aspects of the team with whom we collaborate and break the current stereotype of washed out color palettes. Take a look around at the so-called trends. Because, as we frequently explain, trends are not there for us to blindly follow. It is certainly good to notice and understand them, but we do not have the practice of packing the same and multiplying the idea many times, – Katarina continued. We chose a colorful, vibrant color palette. We concentrated on the playful and upbeat energy. With the reign of bright red, accentuated pink, and enough hints of yellow, we packed in a picture of the well-known Balkan festivities with a dose of “rebel” spirit. To demonstrate only one step forward  let us take advantage of the inexhaustible Frida Kahlo. A woman who played a very notable role while encountering constant and difficult obstacles, it was her approach that paved her way. Armin, an indispensable member of the Artium weddings trio blended his greatest passion; music, into this project, including a music band in which he has been an active member since 2018. Top of The Pops is a five-member band that skillfully uses its musical talents and can also boast an exceptional stage performance. The official video for this project, is a cover of a well-known song that came out of a drawer, maybe by accident.

The music arrangement is signed by Armin and performed by the Top of the pops band. Mirko Mihalj, who is behind the Luca Divina brand, is the author of the video, which we are eagerly announcing. We invite you to take a few minutes of time and enjoy the scenes he captured in one of the almost undiscovered locations of natural beauty. The location has reached us. “-said honestly Angela, the third member of the Artium weddings team. She explained that by thinking and scouting for a location that would have just those qualities, they quite accidentally came across an Instagram story from the Kanfanar Tourist Board and fell in love with what they saw. The cliff above the Lim Channel that stretches so tensely steeply over the blue of the bay was ideal for the realization of an idea. The tourist board recognized the value of the project and jumped on board to provide support for the organization with all the necessary funds. They achieved wonderful cooperation to their mutual satisfaction. The locality needs to be brought closer to the audience, expedited to bring us the wonderful natural beauties that surround us enriched. The cliff became the backdrop of this explosion in several scenes. The couple around whom the story unfolded were Silvija Grubiša in the role of a bride who, with her personality, fit perfectly into the role and fulfilled its necessary unevenness with her zeal, and Piero Načinović in the role of the groom. Piero, on his stage, by appearance, embodied an imaginary figure of debauched spirit and gentle gaze. Not a random selection, they were dressed by designer Anja Stehlik in a black suit, a bit classic but by no means of the usual cut. The groom’s styling was rounded off by a unique scarf from Monatro galleries in Motovun. The wedding dress of Studio Gray by designer Ivana Čizmadija carried a task sufficient for the project. Lace, which symbolizes a more traditional approach with accentuated voluminous sleeves and only a whirlwind of vain enough to satisfy the appetite of the whole project. Sholala’s comfortable shoes ensured the bride’s easy steps. Make-up artist Tanja Lukin – Lunika Store and Katarina from Artystic Hair Studio Pula used decent tones and contouring techniques, and the selection of appropriate hairstyles emphasized the lines of all participants. A rich floral crown modeled on the heroin of inspiration was made by skilled hands from the Artium weddings team. The Aztec details in the role of tattoos are the work of Lucija Retkovac, who painted the shoulders and forearms of the bride with a drawing technique using natural henna. The main backdrop was a richly arranged table. Biographical details seemed to applaud each other, and they stretched merrily in the setting sun. Ceramics, wood, metal, and canvas were the basis of the decor.



Ceramics serve longevity if we look at the usability and selection of dishes and vases with traditional motives. By adding gold cutlery, the element of table easement was emphasized, giving the desired glare in the afternoon sun. The blue of the details had the task of bringing the location closer to the table and rounding out the basic color scheme of the project with an inspirational idea. The white scarf is finalized in the appearance of the chair of the main protagonists of each wedding. Every party, to meet all expectations, must go through the palate with pleasure. We took care of this part with Amalie catering with a rich display of delicious dishes and Antica cakes and pastries with a wedding cake. Romeo wines and their premium full-bodied wines added the last necessary note to this one musical-scenic treat. Behind the camera, to share the magic with readers, is Alex from IndigoBlu weddings. Her photographs document calmness. The approach is artistic, with special attention to special moments and details. From Alex and Tom’s perspective, behind the FlicFactory brand, each captured a magical second. Their photos are bursting with emotions from the shooting and have a lot of playful details. The color is strong and expresses the idea. Kristijan Ribarić – Kristijan Ribarić Photography dedicated to details and moments concluded the wonderful memories of one great day. Each with their unique approach and techniques, they extracted the most wonderful and showed it in real life, lighting up the whole project. We confirmed once again that nature is truly an unsurpassed backdrop and inspiration. Unexplored locations and unseen combinations can be a real treat for all the senses. Dare to spread your wings and start your honeymoon. Step into your story that a team of organizers and designers can and want to tailor just for you.

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