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An extravagant sustainable love story

If you have stepped into the rut and stability of ideas in the world of weddings, here is your chance to hear a very special story. At Maja and Filip’s wedding, a couple who simply rocked the usual, and we at Artium weddings adore this approach. At the beginning of 2021, we met a couple who came up with an idea for their wedding in Istria. Maja and Filip Primorci, whom Istria caught the eye of, had clear ideas from the very beginning. A small wedding of about 30 guests with unforgettable fun. No ceremonial ideas and traditional elements with a mandatory dose of environmentally friendly, meaningful and permanent.

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The emphasis was on socializing in a close circle of close friends. They were friends, guests, and official wedding participants. The photographer whose work you enjoy watching is a friend. Maja Fristacky is not a wedding photographer; the more the photo material has a different note, the more suitable it is for this entirely different wedding. Photographer Maja, otherwise a fashion photographer, captured fashion moments. She added an extravagant touch, potentiating the magical energy of steam. Her way of working is distinctive and, at the same time, very well documented. She transferred the atmosphere to photo paper and kept it with your fashion eye while capturing the poses of your models and details. The scenery served very well with its uniqueness. The ceremony took place on Friday in fabulous Opatija, and the first photos were taken in the American gardens. With a total of four witnesses, they sealed their love. Two of Majine’s best friends and two of Philip’s best friends were witnesses when the couple met, so they testified to their wonderful intentions even on the most important day. They have not forgotten their family.

They have already celebrated with them differently and customized for their parents and relatives. They conceived and held the event on Saturday on the estate of Castle Belaj. The story with the decor was one we enjoyed doing from the very conception of the idea, rounding off this beautiful wedding. The beginning of a warm, long summer should be used, and if you are a couple planning an outdoor wedding, there are obstacles. The gardens of the Belaj castle were enriched with natural materials by our Artium wedding team. We accentuated the richly set table for 30 guests with hanging green decor. Crocheted runners and decorations made by Maja’s mom were indispensable in the design vision. Retro lighting was also in the service of the decor and, inevitably, a lighting fixture. We added the desired touch to the combinations of greenery and dark glass and metal. eco-aware boho.

The dance floor was not the least bit classic. They danced mostly barefoot on the carpets. At the wedding, dance moves were lured by an acquaintance of the couple. The DJ made dance, even those with the heaviest legs. Steps like a star on the head, ropes like that, and imaginary scenes that aroused the imagination are a clear sign of how the couple and their guests had a great time and were as relaxed as possible. Because, as the couple would point out, that is the essence of a wedding. Don’t do a wedding to impress someone or meet someone’s expectations, but to celebrate your love. It must be created for a couple but also for your guests because you have invited them and you want them to feel as good as you do. One of the many interesting things is certainly the unconventional speech of the testimonies. One of the testimonies, who lives in Belgium, was quite demanding to design and perform a wedding play instead of a speech.

The play, which lasted half an hour, was hilarious and great fun. If we look back at the couple’s preparations before the wedding, you will find out how they stuck to their principles in every detail. Maja’s dress is the work of a local spike. The materials are carefully chosen for the wedding dress, as well as for Philip’s suit. Natural materials were the only ones that came to mind and they were selected. Gifts for the guests were their framed photos below the triangle arch. We were set up in the castle circle as part of the lounge where guests could get relaxed and create those very special memories that they eventually took home with them. Our Artium team invites you again-dare! Be your own. Be like Maja and Filip!


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